IT Infrastructure Days 2022

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IT Infrastructure Days 2022 is a business - technology conference that brings together great representatives of the IT industry with renowned regional speakers. On the eve of the beginning of this year's conference, we bring you a short interview with Vladimir Perišić, Director of Prointer ITSS.

Prointer, now traditionally, is again organizing a modern IT conference in cooperation with vendors, distributors, experts and partners, with the most current topics in the field of IT infrastructure. Can you tell us more about the date and location of this year's Prointer IT Infrastructure Days conference?

It is my pleasure to say that everything is ready for the Prointer IT Infrastructure Days 2022 Spring Conference. We expect very high quality, useful and interesting socializing with our clients and partners in the City of the Sun, Trebinje, from 31.03. to 02.04.2022. 

The Prointer IT Infrastructure Days conference traditionally brings together the largest vendors of this industry, which means experienced professionals working on large projects. What are the vendors and topics that their representatives will talk about at the conference?

First of all, I would like to mention that this time our company will present some very complex solutions and projects that we have implemented with our clients. Our engineers have enviable experience and knowledge, and we want to share that with all conference participants.

The focus of this conference will be on solutions in the field of information security, given the growing number of cybersecurity incidents, both in our country and around the world. The world's largest companies will be present with their solutions, not to mention everything, but here are some: Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet, HPE, Dell, Lenovo, VEEAM, Vmware… Also, some vendors will be presented with whom we have not had too many contacts so far , and expressed interest in cooperating with our company.

The conference will certainly be a great success for the field of IT infrastructure and contribute to connecting all its actors. In your opinion, how important is the Prointer IT Infrastructure Days conference for industry and are there already plans for the next, even bigger event?

A conference of this format as a result always has a positive effect on the entire IT industry, to the satisfaction of all present. In this way, clients are educated and look for the best solutions to improve their business, while manufacturers and implementers have the chance to present and offer appropriate technological solutions to clients.

Our company organizes such conferences at least once a year, but unfortunately in the previous period due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we were often forced to organize the conference in a different format (online, through various collaboration tools). We believe that the epidemiological situation is much more favorable now and that this conference in "live" format will be a hit.



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