Trebinje Energy Summit 2022

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The „Trebinje Energy Summit“ is the leading regional business event on the topic of energy future and sustainability, which brings together the greatest industry experts. This year, Infinity International Group attended in the role of the golden sponsor, and Bojana Omerović, director of Prointer ITSS Sarajevo, spoke on behalf of Prointer ITSS.

Bojana returned from Trebinje, so we asked her to share her impressions with us through a few questions:

This year's Energy Summit in Trebinje ended after three days of dynamic panels, discussions and relevant topics for the energy industry. What are your impressions, did it meet your expectations?

Knowing that SET 2022 brought together almost all the most important companies in the energy sector of the region, which was also an ideal place for new business partnerships, where we saw a number of product presentations and great achievements, and where we also had the opportunity discuss a number of current energy topics extremely important to all of humanity.

For these three days, Trebinje was actually a place where new ideas began to be created about what we should do in order to improve the energy sector as much as possible and become better in the years to come. I am still collecting impressions, and my expectations are more than met.

You participated in panel 8 as one of the speakers, and the listeners certainly learned a lot about 4D trends in energy. How important is this topic for today's IT and energy industry and is there enough talk about it?

After the pandemic that struck the world in every corner of the Earth, somehow the digitalization and synchronization of IT with all sectors increased suddenly. The special emphasis of this year's Summit was on the digitalization and compatibility of the IT sector with the energy sector. This topic is extremely important for today's IT and energy industry. Digital transformation is definitely necessary and something that must be talked about every day.

Prointer ITSS and the entire Infinity International Group have a number of important projects behind them. 

Many of your partners and associates from the region and beyond, were also present at the Summit. Was there room to talk about new projects and cooperation in the field of energy?

Prointer ITSS, as one of the largest domestic IT companies, has successfully implemented several projects in recent years, designing and creating tools and solutions that have helped electricity distribution companies in the digitalization process, and since we are always going to achieve more, SET 2022 was an ideal place to establish new partnerships with some of the largest and most important global companies. The promotion of important projects, technologies and goals is something we, as IIG, have kept the emphasis on. 

The summit enabled us to communicate with each other, create experiences, joint plans, projects from the development of the energy sector in our area. It is a special honor for me that friends from the surrounding countries were with us, and we concluded that together we can be more stable, profitable and organized.

You read what Bojana said, and the overall conclusion of the summit is that the recipe for success is experience and digital transformation. The main challenge is how to overcome high costs, and the potential solution lies in the implementation of the IoT system. We are leaving this year's SET with full batteries, new friendships and ideas for business development. We look forward to the next meetings.



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