International Women's Day in Science: There are more and more ladies in the IT sector

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Less time in front of the TV and on social networks, to get more time for learning, family activities, entertainment and recreation.

This is one of the recipes of a modern woman who faces a difficult task - how to achieve maximum quality in work, and at the same time maintain it in all other segments of life.

On the International Day of Girls and Women in Science, such a recipe is recommended by Milena Banjac, DMS consultant at Prointer ITSS, a member of the Infinity International Group.

The graduate economist, who bravely stepped into the world of information technologies three years ago, does not hide that life balance is not easy to achieve and that there are moments when it all seems like an "impossible mission".

"In business as well as personal life, I strive for continuous improvement. I believe that small steps can lead us to a better quality of life if we have patience and perseverance for change. I wanted to work in a more dynamic business environment and gain some new knowledge. to offer a lot to those who are ready to constantly learn. With the change of established habits, which is not an easy process, I managed to balance everything that is most important in my life, "says Milena.

Apart from the dynamic and quality business environment, she is satisfied, she says, that there are more and more women in various roles in the IT sector and that their work is equally appreciated, with the opportunity to advance.

Her colleague Milica Medan, who is a development programmer at Prointer, thinks similarly.

Ever since her high school days, she knew that she would choose the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, even though that profession seems to be the dominant male occupation. Or at least she was, because there are more and more women in technical colleges and in the IT sector.

"In general, it seems that more and more girls are deciding to enroll in one of the technical faculties, and a larger number of women employed in technical positions is noticeable. I hope that this trend will continue and that we will witness gender equality in the future. question ", says Milica, for whom this is the first job where it is quite dynamic and a lot can be learned.

As the only woman in the team, Snezana Mrdja has great support from her colleagues at work as a system engineer. She is surrounded by people who are always ready to help and share their experiences and knowledge. According to Snežana, the team at Prointer broke all prejudices about women in the IT sector.

"The status of women in science is improving from year to year and there are many more of us in this scene. I would say that the popularity of IT, which offers a great variety of jobs and different working conditions, has contributed to that. is the IT men's world, that men are better engineers, etc. Women are equally capable of working in the same positions as men, to do the same jobs equally well, and maybe even better, "says Snezana.

Branka Petković, a BI programmer, was also the first choice, information technology and mathematics, although, as she says, she was aware that the path of science is difficult, regardless of the time and gender.

"I decided on all this because of the promising future that I still see through my work. As a BI programmer, I managed to combine IT with knowledge of bookkeeping that I acquired during high school, as well as creativity, which plays a very important role in me." , says Branka.

According to UNESCO data for last year, worldwide, about 30 percent of female students choose a faculty in the fields of technology, engineering and mathematics.

That research also showed that women in science are still paid less and have less chance of progress.

However, times are changing, as this story testifies.e first job where she is quite dynamic and a lot can be learned.



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