Prointer ITSS - teamwork, knowledge and quality to the position of IT leader

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Building a team, educating staff and always offering clients innovative and quality solutions that will improve their business is a recipe that has provided Prointer ITSS, a member of Infinity International Group, the position of IT leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The recipe for success is "to follow world trends and build a domestic company", also say from Prointer ITSS, because in this way BiH is drawn on the global map of countries that offer quality and create a climate that serious partners and big names of this business even more open step into the domestic market.


The leadership position of Prointer ITSS is evidenced by this year's recognition of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a world-renowned name in information technology, which awarded them the status of partner of the year.


"The fact is that it is not easy to keep up with modern technologies that are changing faster and more advanced, but that is why we have never given up on continuous education and training of employees while monitoring new trends, because it is a safe investment for the future. Year after year, we have more and more experts who are constantly improving their knowledge and gaining certificates and licenses backed by leading, global IT leaders. This is what strengthens the position of a company such as Prointer the most, and this was recognized by the reputable company HPE, as well as many before it ", points out Gordana Kovačević, director of Prointer.


With its two companies in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Prointer ITSS, in just over five years of existence, has established itself with its work and quality as a synonym for digital transformation in BiH.


Projects and solutions in the field of digitalization and the creation of a modern business environment have resulted in the status of Gold SAP partners.


"SAP integrated information system that includes all corporate, financial, logistical and human resource management processes, Prointer ITSS has successfully implemented in the Tax Administration, Forests and Roads of Republika Srpska, and maintains it in Elektroprivreda RS and Elektroprenos BiH," said Kovacevic.


As in the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as Kovacevic further emphasizes, the company's primary goal was to preserve staff, which is the main precondition for the realization of already designed, but also new ideas and projects.


The crisis has inevitably affected the information technology industry, but it has also shown that the IT sector, due to its creative potentials and innovative solutions, always has a chance more.


"That is why we continued with new employment and attracted new experts of various profiles." In this way, we have opened the door to all those who want to work, learn and test themselves in skills they did not even suspect they possessed. I think that we can rightly boast that in the past year we have hired almost 80 new workers who have become part of our IT story precisely because of their expertise and talent, "Kovacevic points out.


Numerous restrictions due to the pandemic have created an opportunity to place much more trust in domestic forces and experts, according to Prointer, and they emphasize that they really have them in the IT sector.


As an extremely important part of both the present and the future, information technology has become a segment without which there is no quality business. Therefore, the adoption and conquest of global technologies, which need to be adapted to local needs, will continue to be the mission of Prointer.


"It is time for not only the public sector, but also small and medium-sized companies, with government incentives, to introduce modern technologies in order to increase productivity. "No one can deny that all together, from the smallest to the largest business, we have to invest in technologies and conquer them, much more than before," the company said.



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