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The most colorful party at the ProKids festival brightened up the end of Children's Week at Delta Planet in Banja Luka. The fourth in a row, the festival organized by the company Prointer ITSS, which operates as part of the Infinity International Group, this year again offered many workshops, music, dance, acting and entertainment.


The sports school was packed even before the start of the festival, because the kids who got up early yesterday at Delta Planet in Banja Luka immediately grabbed a climbing frame and other devices on which they could jump and enjoy.


Some left the sport for later and immediately gathered around the stage, waiting for their favorite characters they met at the PROkids festival in previous years to come out on it. And then the alien PROkid appeared from somewhere and barely managed to hug all the kids who ran into his arms. Thus, the fourth PROkids started in an already recognizably cheerful atmosphere, which again this year offered the kids a lot of fun and educational content.


In addition to the Planet video, Delta Planet also houses the Planet of Fun, which resounded with the songs of the children's choir "Jazavac", and with little ballerinas you could dance not only in ballet, but also in pop-rock rhythm.


While the famous Fazonko was explaining to the kids what fazons and tricks were, and they answered his questions and competed over who would be louder, several girls sat quietly in one of the corners of the festival and painted babushkas. Natalia Avdonina from the Russian Cultural Center helped them with that, and she says that she is pleased to have been a part of this kind of children's entertainment.


In the other corner, on the Planet of Health, just like every year, the "Hospital for Ladybugs" worked. There they learned how to brush their teeth properly, and then took a peek into the world under the microscope. The face painting corner, as usual, was crowded. The little ones came out of there with real works of art that adorned their cheeks, foreheads and noses.


It was also full at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The Planet of Science is located there, because the organizers of the festival from the company Prointer ITSS, which operates as part of the Infinity International Group, distributed more than 250 tickets for the planetarium, aquarium and terrarium there. There, the little ones watched how the planets and stars in the universe move and what the fish, turtles, lizards and snakes that came to us from distant lands look like.


The Planet of Imagination is not forgotten either. More than 100 tickets were distributed for her as well, and the kids will land there on Wednesday night. In the Children's Theater, they will be able to perform the play "I wonder, I wonder, how important I am", by the Macedonian Theater for Children and Youth.


That is why next year they promise them a great time at their favorite PROkids festival.



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