Race for the cure 2021

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By registering numerous runners in as many as 200 teams, participants in "Race for the cure", the largest sporting event dedicated to women's health, raised 85,000 KM, thanks to which women from rural areas will more easily and quickly get an examination that can save their lives.


Mobile mammograms, free check-ups, psychological counseling, workshops - all of this was provided to women suffering from breast cancer by humanitarians who ran throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for recovery.


The message about humanity was the main motive for the silver sponsor of this great, European event to be the company Prointer ITSS Sarajevo. They also contributed to their team of runners.


"It is an honor and a pleasure to be part of an event that the whole of Europe knows and whose goal is so humane. We are aware of how many women in BiH do not go for check-ups and find it difficult to get to the doctor, and that is why the help that the humanitarians from this race send them is really great. As a socially responsible company, we have always been supportive of important events that promote health, sports, culture and will remain so ", says Bojana Omerović, director of Prointer Sarajevo.


Running on Trebević, Prointer's team also promoted the application of the GO FAR Foundation "Step for Humanity". It is a free application with which this humanitarian organization, created within the Infinity International Group, "buys" every step taken, in order to donate the collected funds to help public kitchens, children and young talents.



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