Nikoline Makivić received her PhD from the Sorbonne

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Three years of learning and hard work in a city of light, but also great sacrifices. All that is now behind Nikola Makivić, a young woman from Banja Luka who defended her doctorate at the prestigious Sorbonne yesterday.


In addition to her doctoral degree in the field of lithium-ion battery improvement, today she walks around Paris with a lot of mixed feelings and one photo for all time. Nikolina is standing next to Professor Jean-Marie Tarascon, one of the greatest in the world.


I am still under the impression of defending my doctorate and the fact that I talked about the science I was dealing with with the greatest, "on an equal footing". Years of great work and effort are behind me and this is the crown of it all - says Nikolina, who after the title of the best student of the Banja Luka Faculty of Technology and the gold badge "Nikola Tesla" completed a master's degree in physical chemistry for nano-sciences at the University of Paris Diderot.


The doctoral dissertation was a logical sequence, and on its last page, it says this: "I am grateful to the company Prointer, which provided me with tuition for the first two years of study."


When to support if not Nikolina, they said from the company Prointer ITSS three years ago, when they realized that she has a place at the prestigious Sorbonne. Even today, the company that operates within the Infinity International Group believes that young and promising people, as the best ambassadors of their country, should always be supported. This is, at the same time, one of the goals for which they founded the GO FAR Foundation.


We are extremely proud of Nikolina and everything she has achieved and we are happy with her and her family. Through her work and commitment, which were crowned with a doctoral degree, she showed that young talents should be invested in science. That is why we will continue with such projects in the future, with the hope that many will make us happy like Nikolina and that, one day, they will return to their country - says Mirjana Tepšić, director of the Foundation.


Nikolina does not hide that she would like to return, but, for a start, due to the specifics of what she does, she will look for a job in Paris.


I could stay in college, but I would rather look for a job in which my scientific achievements could find application. I am thinking about some kind of consulting and I hope that I will help this area to be further developed in our country as well - says Nikolina.



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