ALEKSANDAR STJEPANOVIĆ: Leader of the team that solves IT problems

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Technology and electronics are the favorite family "occupations" with which he grew up, so it was quite logical for him to become an electrical engineer. As a child, I wanted to deal with it, says Aleksandar Stjepanović, head of the Technical Support Department at Prointer ITSS, and it is in that sector that you have something to do all day long.


More precisely, phones ring all day and emails arrive, because Aleksandar and his team maintain computer equipment. Whether the problem is small or large, it is known to whom it will be reported first.


"Maintenance of computer equipment includes computers, printers, scanners, multifunctional devices, video surveillance, technical protection systems. We are internal support for the company and external, for our clients, and we must always be available ", explains Aleksandar.


As a first line of support, there is a service desk that receives calls and does some kind of "triage".


"If the problem can be solved by phone, it is solved. If not, everything is passed on until we find out what it is and how to fix it. So there is no shortage of calls and work, "says Aleksandar, who is simply used to the daily hustle and bustle.


Maybe because he started working while he was still studying, and later he ran a similar sector in the Post of Srpska.


"It is never boring in that sector, but at one point I wanted an additional challenge and that is why I came to Prointer. My job is such that you have to study every day and be constantly in step with the times and modern technologies, and here I can do all that ", says Aleksandar.


That is why he believes that the younger generation in his team, but also all those who would like to get involved in this business, has the most important desire to learn, and everything else, he says, can be achieved over time.


"Regardless of the experience and how much they know or don't know at the beginning, the important thing is the desire to constantly learn something new and to love what they do. I think that is the right recipe ", believes Aleksandar.


As for "after work" recipes, there are several. Watch some good game. Or play a game of billiards with friends. One of the better ones is basketball, especially when it is played in the already popular IT league.


"I love sports because it relaxes me, but I get less and less involved in it. At home, a family is waiting for me, in which there is a new, two-month member ", says Aleksandar and with a wide smile admits that this in itself means that there is no relaxation.



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