Najmlađi doktor nauka u oblasti energetike u Srpskoj: Upoznajte Dejana Ivića

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With the diploma he received a few days ago from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, he became the youngest doctor of science in the Republic of Srpska in the field of energy. Thirty-year-old Dejan Ivić, team leader for energy solutions at the company Prointer ITSS, a member of the Infinity International Group, says that behind his success is an entire team that closely followed the defense in Belgrade and supported him every step of the way.

Dealing with the design and implementation of smart solutions in the power industry, Dejan made great strides first to get a master's degree, and then to a doctorate, combining theory and practice in the best way.

"In my work, I dealt with the automation of medium-voltage distribution networks, with an emphasis on the formation of loops on distribution networks and the integration of power electronics devices. In the simplest terms, it is about the integration of new, modern devices that allow capacity to be freed up in existing networks and transmission lines so that some new, renewable energy source can be connected, such as solar energy, energy from wind farms, small gas generators and the like," explains Dejan. and emphasizes that the concrete result of all that is two completely new control algorithms that enable these new devices to be implemented on already existing control systems.
After these scientific researches and the publication of papers in renowned scientific journals, the idea is to move on to practical implementation.
"A skeleton, a template for algorithms, a laboratory set-up has been created here, and now the idea is to start a practical implementation where we would get a concrete distribution network to test it in as realistic conditions as possible. We at Prointer and the Infinity group are already doing something similar. In the past year and a half, I have been working on the installation of intelligent disconnectors on one of the power lines and setting up the remote control system, performing field testing," says Dejan.

However, he puts those practical, "technical" details that helped him on the way to his doctorate into the background. The first one, he says, is the support he had.
"At Prointer they welcomed my doctorate with enthusiasm, but they know that my success would not have happened without them. Especially my part of the team from the automation sector was incredibly supportive, they were understanding for everything I did and I owe them a lot," notes Dejan.

When all that is added up, it is not surprising that he still believes in the domestic potential and, as he says, it does not occur to him to go anywhere. "There is much that cannot be bought with money, and our wealth is human resources that we must preserve together. Can it be better here - yes, it can always be better, but it's all a long-term process and we can't expect things to change overnight," says the young Doctor of Science.

From his already rich experience, he notes that in the field in which he works there is no lag behind the "modern West" and that, Dejan believes, we can match them both in science and in the implementation of solutions.



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