Network Security Engineer: Key to fail-safe binding

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Everything needs to be well and precisely designed, configured and adjusted, so that network "traffic" functions without interruptions and without errors.

More precisely, while respecting protocols and technologies, high-quality and safe data transmission from point A to point B should be ensured, so, precisely for this reason, the example of mail is often used in the explanation of network communications.
In this "post office", a key role is played by the network security engineer, that is, the person in charge of the design, implementation, maintenance and adjustment of the network. He needs to ensure maximum performance so that everything works like clockwork.
Connecting computer networks, that is, communication between computers, both internally and externally, in global communication with partners and associates, is a responsible and demanding job, but also a position that offers many challenges and daily learning and improvement.
This is how Milan Jovanović, a long-time expert at Prointer ITSS, a member of the Infinity International Group, sees his position as a network security engineer. With him, as he says, he has a great team who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, know exactly what they are doing and who managed to optimize everything to the maximum.
- We deal with enterprise, corporate networks with which we network companies and companies, and therefore our responsibility is great. If we do not set up and configure everything properly or if we are not sure how the protocols work, serious errors can occur in network communication, more precisely, that "traffic" does not go as it should and users have a problem - explains Milan.

We note that a lot depends on the clients as well - there are "critical" ones, but also those where possible errors and downtimes have minor consequences. But it is also one of the segments that makes this job interesting and full of challenges.
– The bigger the vendor, the bigger the budget, so the configuration requirements are more complex and demanding. Therefore, I am looking for greater knowledge and experience, all of which I had the opportunity to acquire at Prointer. I continue to develop here and as long as I have that opportunity, I am satisfied - says Milan, who still believes that energy and sacrifice should be invested in every job.
Dig deep to do the job in the best possible way and after that you will have not only business, but also emotional satisfaction, adds this network "veteran".
As a graduate electrical engineer, who has always seen himself in the world of information technology, networks were what he was most interested in, although, as he says, he had the opportunity to deal with the system part of the job as well.
- I decided on the network because I had dealt with it before and had some experience, but not only because of that. This is, as far as I'm concerned, a more challenging and demanding job that entails a lot - design of the architectural system, installation and implementation of technological solutions, development of all phases of the system, testing and commissioning, maintenance, but also further upgrading - points out Milan.
All this "upgrading", both business and personal, is a great asset and the reason why a strong, domestic company can and should be a challenge for some future employees.
- I went through all the stages, from the very beginnings, and that's why I sometimes say that young staff can now practically come "on completion". They are given the opportunity to work in a developed system, with experienced colleagues-mentors, and all of that took time, patience and will - concludes Milan and notes that it is very important to see great progress in your environment every day.



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