A perfect combination of economics and information technology

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It fits in only three letters, and is used by about 90 percent of the world's largest companies, because it covers and unifies almost all business processes. SAP - an integrated information system that is, in fact, a perfect network over all processes in the company, has proven to be irreplaceable in any serious business, and in the areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, it has been expanding for the past ten years. The SAP consultants who "floated" into this extremely interesting call from different professions proved to be just as irreplaceable.


Integration, whose ultimate goal is the optimization of all business processes and the reduction of business errors to a minimum, implies that the SAP consultant knows and controls all these processes very well, or, more precisely, that he has the broadest possible picture. It is precisely in this picture that knowledge and experience from economics and information technologies come together, which is why economist graduates have found their place in the IT world and SAP.


Čedo Erceg, SAP consultant at Prointer ITSS, a member of the Infinity International Group, is the best witness to what you can achieve as an economist in the IT sector.


This young expert admits that he has been a lover of information technologies since his high school days, but, nevertheless, he did not expect that the economy, which he did not want to give up, would be so successfully combined with the IT world. Now, he says, he feels like he belongs in his own place, so he would never return to the "classic" economy.


"I have always had the desire to connect the existing knowledge from my profession with information technologies, because that combination allows you to reach the goal, that is, one of the postulates of the economy - to achieve the best possible results with as few invested resources as possible. I really found myself in this job and the company I work for, because here I have the opportunity for new knowledge, challenges and advancement", says Čedo and explains that all this awaits some future SAP consultants.


Evident expansion in all business processes, inevitable automation and digitization and IT advancing at an enormous speed, give a lot of space and opportunities to really achieve a lot in this business, according to this young expert.


"First of all, we have space and potential for that, because Prointer really has a lot of projects that are based on the implementation of SAP. Also, it is an extremely interesting job that implies not only knowledge of complete business processes, but also numerous technical skills. SAP consultants are, in fact, a kind of buffer zone between our clients as end users and our developers working on system development. Consultants adjust the system, and fellow programmers develop new functionalities", explains Čedo.


In practice, this means that the SAP consultant is the one who has to look at what the client requires and wants, as well as suggest to him how to integrate his business in the best possible way into the future, integrated system.


"Consultants adjust the system for the client based on the recorded business processes and connect the client and the developer in this part where something is not included in the system and needs to be developed specifically for the client. Also, we are here to suggest a possible check of legal provisions and regulations and the possibility of how to fit and harmonize it all. After that, we have to bring all this closer to our fellow programmers, so that they can design and build the highest quality system. That's why I say that SAP consultants are the connective tissue that makes it all work," says Čedo.


All this, of course, implies that you work in a high-quality business environment and with colleagues who are always ready to listen, help and encourage, notes Čedo, who chose a strong, domestic company for this very reason.



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