CISCO and Prointer presented the benefits of digitalization in local communities

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In any local community, whether large or small, it is equally important for every citizen to get quality service in the simplest possible way. On the way to such a service, and thus to a better quality of life in the local middle school, digitalization is one of the priorities.


Everything it can bring to cities and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented by Prointer Sarajevo experts in partnership with global IT leader, Cisco, at a conference in Jahorina.


More than 30 representatives of local communities from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina had a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of digitalization, but also to hear the presentation of specific solutions that lead to quality business and more efficient communication with citizens.


For the first time, we were able to see in one place what the needs are and what the possibilities of local communities are, says Bojana Škrobić Omerović, director of Prointer ITSS Sarajevo. He emphasizes that among them there are those with a good digital infrastructure, but also those who have not even stepped into it.


- We had the opportunity to look at all these differences and everything that can be improved together and to discuss it openly and constructively. We are extremely pleased not only with the response, but also with the impressions from this gathering, where our experts and experts from Cisco, one of our largest and most important partners, presented quality solutions. Among them are application solutions that we are very proud of, such as GIS, Digitalization, Application "HR records" and the e-baby project - says Skrobic Omerović.


It is the pandemic, she emphasizes, that has shown how important it is to have access to services and services and how important all that was to the citizens in times of crisis. At the same time, the European Union is constantly seeking the digitalisation of local communities and this process must be accelerated.


- The fact is that some local communities do not have enough resources or education to be ready to advocate digitalization among their decision makers. That is why I believe that we did a great job, because we approached each of the participants individually and received feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. We have also shown, through examples of good practice both in our country and in the region, what can be done. For example, one of the examples is the city of Rijeka, which through the e-citizens service ranked among the top ten European cities and I am sure that we can follow that example - says Škrobić Omerović.


He emphasizes that the presentation of solutions for secure data management and storage was especially interesting for the representatives of local communities, because it is one of the big problems, but also an item in which not enough is invested.


- That is why we focused on such solutions that Dragan Novaković from Cisco, one of the best security engineers in the former Yugoslavia, talked about. As many times before, Cisco has placed its trust in us, which shows that our solutions and our experts are recognized everywhere. We continue cooperation and exchange of knowledge, as well as the promotion of services and products, for the benefit of users - says Skrobić Omerović.


The conference on Jahorina is a confirmation that world-renowned IT companies see Prointer as a credible and responsible partner.


Not only with Cisco, but also with other global partners, Prointer continues its successful cooperation, and new conferences are planned at which solutions in the field of digitalization will be presented to other local communities.



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