Prointer ITSS employees donated to Dom „Rada Vranješević“

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New furniture has arrived at the Rada Vranješević Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care in Banja Luka, thanks to the employees of Prointer ITSS, a member of the Infinity International Group.


In our educational groups, furniture is, in fact, consumables that must be renewed every two or three years, and that is a rather large item in the budget, they explain in the Home, and that is why this New Year's gift is extremely valuable to them.


- I am really grateful to the employees of Prointer for this donation, which made us all happy. In the spirit of celebrating the New Year's holidays, we expressed the need for furniture and white goods to equip one educational group, and that wish was fulfilled - says Vladimir Kajkut, director of the "Rada Vranjesevic" Foster Home.

In the New Year's action, the money for the gifts was collected by the employees of Prointer and they decided to, instead of the traditional packages, procure what is currently most needed in the Foster Home.


- At the initiative of the heads of our company's sector, we organized an action in which everyone was happy to include. We wanted to share the festive spirit, humanity and solidarity with the institution that has been caring for children and young people for decades, and in that way, to make their New Year better. As in all previous years, we will continue to be part of humanitarian actions for the benefit of the entire community - says Djordje Mrdja, marketing manager at Prointer.


In the last year alone, twenty children have arrived at the "Rada Vranješević" Foster Home, and their kindergarten is full, which is attended by both them and children from the local community, so any help is welcome.


With this "interior" renovation and the new facade and roof that they hope for as part of the "Energy Efficiency" project, the home, they say, will be even better and more conditional.



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