Prointer ITSS silver member OSGP Alliance

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Prointer ITSS ends the business year as a Silver Member of the OSGP Alliance


OSGP Alliance members share a common goal and vision, which is to promote open standards for energy demand management, smart grid and smart metering systems.


The energy industry is facing more and more challenges. Most of the issues revolve around the "energy trilemma", which seeks to ensure that energy is safe, sustainable and affordable. The critical issue concerns the provision of a smart grid, an energy infrastructure that includes thousands of devices and systems connected to the grid that consume energy.


The main vision of the OSGP Alliance is the strong participation of key players in the industry working together to implement the new generation of smart grid, which leads to long-term goals that include accessibility, security and sustainability.


The OSGP Alliance was founded in 2006 as the Energy Services Association (ESNA), an independent, global and non-profit association that promotes the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and related services and infrastructure for smart grid applications.



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