Prointer SAP Partner Day 2021

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Implementation of SAP, application of new modules, integration of the entire business process, these were all topics at the last Prointer SAP Partner Day conference in Banja Luka. Nothing is done on foot anymore, the possibility of error is minimal, and thanks to digitalization in business, all systems are connected. This is how SAP could be briefly described.


Prointer SAP Partner Day 2021 will bring together companies that, thanks to SAP, have significantly improved their business. Having gathered our clients from Elektroprenos BiH, Elektroprivreda Srpske and the Tax Administration, for the first time we all had the opportunity to hear everything that helped them in reengineering business processes, but also their views for improvement and elimination of possible shortcomings.


The main goals of this year's Prointer SAP Partner Day 2021 conference are to present new SAP products and technologies, present a case study of successful SAP implementations in BiH, network SAP clients in BiH, exchange knowledge and experience as a starting point for excellence in service delivery, implementation and maintenance SAP business software solution.


- Our company is the only one in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have the prestigious status of Gold SAP partner, obtained on the basis of successfully implemented projects, expert certification and, in general, customer satisfaction. In practice, this means better and more direct support than SAP and a priority in resolving any customer issues. Today's conference showed that we really have satisfied customers and that is why we plan to make it a kind of tradition - says Sandra Jovanović, head of the SAP solutions development department at Prointer ITSS.


In RITE Gacko, they "met" SAP six years ago. Thanks to the cooperation with the company Prointer ITSS, a member of the Infinity International Group, which is the SAP leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the integrated system has become a tool without which they can no longer imagine doing business.


- Since 2015, when we started with the introduction of financial modules, it has been shown that SAP is an extremely high-quality tool with the help of which harmonization, standardization and greater efficiency of business processes are achieved. When you have data on income, expenses, expenses, maintenance, stocks at all times, you can plan better. And, more importantly, you can make the right decision at the right time. These days we are moving further in the implementation of new modules for project management, investment and human resources, as well as a module for calculating salaries. In that way, we will complete the whole and generate all the data from various segments - explains Miloš Tepavčević, executive director for economic and financial operations at RITE Gacko.


The quality analysis and everything that SAP can still offer was rounded off by gathering the users of that information system at last week's conference organized by Prointer. We also used "Prointer SAP Partner Day" to define the next steps, they say in Elektrokrajina, one of the SAP pioneers.


- With five distribution companies and five those engaged in electricity production, we are a huge system with different business segments that are practically impossible to import without SAP. That is why we are now starting to import technical services, personnel, legal and salary calculation services that were not part of the system, which made our business very difficult. When we complete all that, the work of our technicians and lawyers will be much easier, so they will no longer be able to tell us economists - this is your SAP - says Alma Radusinović from Elektrokrajina.


What it looks like when all segments are imported is best known in Elektroprenos BiH, whose SAP system, as they point out, the company Prointer has been successfully maintaining for years. With four gross balances that were, once, summed up in an Excel spreadsheet, we wrote and deleted as in school, explains Cvijeta Dragović and notes that SAP, above all, reduced the possibility of errors to a minimum.


- Without SAP in such a system, all this was very difficult, and after we introduced all the modules, our job was doubled. SAP has given us great opportunities and advantages over all previous information systems, in the domain of planning, organization, reporting, and we have saved time and human resources. The introduction of all modules was a demanding, but extremely profitable job and today we are proud of that practice - says Dragović.


The best evidence of the profitability of SAP is the data of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska, which has significantly increased its revenues in the past few years. Satisfied users, who no longer wait in front of the counters, also talk about what can be done with the help of an integrated information system.


- SAP was of strategic importance to us and that is why, as soon as we received the green light from the Government, we started its realization with the company Prointer. I must say that this is how we solved the key problems. First of all, we have standardized the jobs of tax officials in all business units, which means that they cannot influence the course of the process. We now have complete control over the reporting of tax liabilities, accurate records of deadlines, forced collection procedures, and administrative procedures no longer last for several months - says Persa Paić, assistant director of administration.



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